I know all of the boys are good with kids, but I can’t help thinking that Zayn is so cute around them

I mean, see how he’s smiling, while touching this ladys’ tummy?

And then there is this hug and I can’t fucking breathe

And just look at how happy he seems while taking a picture with these two girls

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 #fucking bumping his head to music #and eating a fucking orange#this fucking kid 

"The boys have changed so much. Yes because they grew up but also because the fans don’t respect them at all. It’s off putting. Don’t expect them to kiss your asses when you send hate to their families, manipulate their lives, sexually harass them on twitter. Just because you buy their albums and go to their shows doesn’t mean they’re your property. They are humans for fucks sake. They were really happy at the beginning but now not so much. I blame the fans(not all of them but all the crazy ones)"

taco and harry stiles